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The Ruweis affix was first registered by my father Terry Armstrong. His first Salukis were not bred from. In 1977 the current line was started when he imported a smooth parti colour saluki bitch from Saudi Arabia. Her registered name was Fatima Min Shaul Khala which roughly translated means Princess of The Great Out There. Her pet name was Bobby which was given to her by Terry’s Ethiopian maid.

Bobby was released from quarantine June 1978, My mother and father took her to meet Mrs Parkhouse, the President of The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and her niece Joan McLeish who was the Secretary of the Club. They both encouraged my parents to get Bobby registered and breed from her so that she could add new genes to the Gene Pool.

Descendants of Bobby have proved to be excellent coursing hounds and several of today’s top Salukis have Bobby in their pedigree, her genes can be found included in other people's breeding plans the world over.

Her descendants bred through the Ruweis Affix have remained true to the saluki type and have attained high achievements both on the field and in the showring.

I took the Ruweis affix over in 1997 and 2005 saw the birth of the sixth generation, an all smooth litter followed in 2006 by yet another smooth litter. In total all 3 litters that I had bred under the Ruweis affix had resulted in 17 puppies, 16 of which were smooth.

In 2002 I was given a feathered bitch, Al-Muzdaher Sheyhana for Ruweis so after her Pet Passport papers were completed early in 2003 yet another desert bred joined us at Ruweis. In 2007 Sheyhana was mated to Derumowgli Hadi El Basher a wonderfully classic Saluki who lives in Belgium and was bred by Daniela Van der Lichte and together they produced a fabulous litter of eight feathered Salukis.

From these last 3 litters, 9 puppies have been exported and currently there are Ruweis Salukis in Canada, America, Sweden, Australia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Temperament and health have always been prime concerns of both my parents and myself along with type and keeping the Saluki within the size range set by the breed standard. Like my father before me I believe in a functional hound and will not be 'swayed' by current show winners and breed for 'flash and dash'. To me the Saluki should be capable of doing the job it was bred for irrespective of whether it is smooth or feathered. I also refuse to limit myself to using bloodlines only available locally to me and will quite willingly travel to another country for the best stud dogs for my bitches, trying to keep the pedigree as 'open' as possible.

Above you can find links to the dogs owned by my father, mother and myself. I hope you enjoy browsing through my site.



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